Track your cold chain logistics

Never lose control of your cold freight transportation

Game changing features

Unleashing a powerful brand new IOT approach to the traditional cold chain logistics.

Temperature TRACKING

Temperature sensors and configurable temperature warnings.

Access control

Secure RFID opening provides restricted access to content

GPS Location Tracking

Live location tracking thanks to integrated low power GPS tracking.

Impact Detection

Onboard sensors to track any impacts and potential damages

Easy handling & durability

Groenlandia coolers are built using optimized materials to improve their performance

Nevera que utiliza acumulador de frío

Data under control

Manage every cooler data through a simple, intuitive and private dashboard

One tool for multiple areas

Groenlandia smart coolers can help multiple businesses in their cold chain tracking


Transport any refrigerated item safely with Groenlandia smart coolers


Carry refrigerated food or drink safely thanks to Groenlandia temp and opening trackers


Keep any specimen test or judicial evidence safe thanks to Groenlandia safe cooler.


Track refrigerated drugs and vaccines logistics using Groenlandia smart coolers


Manage specimens or any refrigerated medical item using Groenlandia smart coolers



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A Groenlandia specialist will get in touch with you shortly.


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